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Natural cosmetics are made with 100% natural and chemical free ingredients. Flower and plant extracts are used in these cosmetics and some of them even use vitamin E which is known to keep skin soft, healthy and glowing. Organic cosmetics are a must have for those who have sensitive skin and who are prone to skin allergies.


Sattvik - SUN BAN 100gms


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"1. Visibly enhances complexion
2. Restores natural fairness and glow
3. Evens skin tone & removes discoloration of all kinds
4. ...


This saffron & turmeric based cream is a one-of-its-kind formulation to remove epidermal sun tan. It restores natural skin fairness and gives a spotless complexion. It is also exceptionally effective in evening the skin tone and protecting skin from sun burn, blemishes & pigmentation. It removes marks of all kinds and gives the skin a healthy, radiant, non-oily look.
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