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Product Recall

What is a Recall?

We hear about recalls so often, but the term itself can be a bit confusing.


So, what is a recall? It's the notification that a product poses a potential hazard and either needs to be removed from use, have its use limited, requires a replacement part, requires repair or otherwise has to have the safety issue addressed. A recall can begin a number of ways, but often follows a complaint from a consumer (or many consumers) who has experienced a problem.


Clothing Recalls

How safe are the shirts, pants and pajamas in your Adults/Child's closet and drawers?


Hundreds of clothes are recalled every year because they contain drawstrings that can pose strangulation hazards, have small parts that detach and cause choking problems.


Product Recall (Food & Beauty)

The assignment of production codes to manufactured food/beauty products is a critical part of a recall system. These codes can vary significantly but generally will identify the production date, production line and/or specific batches. If a serious public health risk is identified and the final product is not coded, all of the manufacturer's product may have to be recalled at an obvious added expense and embarrassment.


The objective of coding is to:

• help determine the cause of a problem;


• limit losses;


• allow orderly withdrawal of identified product from sale; and • allow quick identification for FIFO (first in/first out) control in product distribution.


Food/ Beauty Recall Plan

A food recall plan is accomplished by having a written plan or procedure which includes:

• Identification of all internal and external personnel involved in the recall;


• Means to implement a recall and decide on its extent (ie. production codes);


• means of notifying “Iam Green “ personal in a manner appropriate for the degree of risk involved;


• Control of returned food; and


• recall progress assessment


The following are possible government definitions for the product recall procedure.

Class I Recall - A serious emergency recall situation involving product which may have an immediate or long range effect on the life or health of aquatic animals or human consumers.


Class II Recall - A priority situation involving product which may be a potential hazard to human or animal life or health.


Class III Recall - A situation involving product which does not pose a health threat, but which may have serious or wide-spread customer or public relations implications.


External Recall - The removal of product from the market in which distribution has been made beyond the direct control of the feed miller’s organisation.


Internal Recall - The removal of product from the market, none of which has left the direct control of the manufacturer.


Retention - Holding product from the market or from further processing or shipment when there is evidence of a quality or labelling deviation in the formula for the target species.

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