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Benefits of Organic Clothing

Mar 21, 2014




You walk to your work place, drive an electric car to farther destinations and avoid using plastic. Kudos! You are definitely a ‘pro-green’ person that is concerned about our planet’s health.


However, did you know you could ‘wear’ your way to a greener and happier life on Earth? Yes you can; organic clothing makes it possible.



What is organic clothing/apparel?


Organic clothing is made from materials that are grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. In organic farming there are no genetically modified seeds, synthetic pesticides or chemicals used.


In short, organic clothing is produced in a way that is safe and healthy for both the environment and the user.


There are other benefits of using organic apparels.



No Chemicals, No Allergies

For those with sensitive skins, the chemicals used in pesticides, herbicides and artificial dying can cause serious allergies. Our clothes can sometimes be the source of ‘contact dermatiti’, an allergic reaction. Researcher Christophe-J. Le Coz explains that dyes, resins and formaldehyde used in fabric-processing can usually cause reactions, and that synthetic fibres and wool can act as irritants. 


However, organic fibers are hypoallergenic and free of chemicals or pollutants, which means ‘no dermatological problems’.


On the contrary, cotton, which covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land, uses about 16% of world’s insecticides! This is more than any other single major crop. It is estimated that about 1/3 pound of synthetic fertilizers are used to grow one pound of raw cotton and one t-shirt needs exactly one pound of raw cotton. The very thought of wearing 1/3 pound of chemicals on our skin day in and day out kind of scares us, allergies or no allergies.


Did you know that apparels made from the bamboo plant are antimicrobial (naturally kills bacteria) in nature?

More Savings, More Comfort

Apparels made of organic fibers are surprisingly durable. While your favorite t-shirt made from regular cotton will survive just 20 machine washes, the one made of organic cotton or bamboo will stand more than a hundred washes. So you save money in buying new clothes because your ‘green apparels’ will last longer.



Yes, you may have to shell out an extra 10-40% on the price of an organic apparel but think of all the good things you’re paying for ­- uncontaminated waterfresh airfair wages, global economic progression, happy farmers and more.

Hemp, one of nature’s best and most durable material, is more porous than cotton and hence the clothing made from hemp is easier to dye and naturally fade-resistant. Additionally, hemp is also antimicrobial, mold resistant, keeps UV and UVB rays and helps in keeping moisture away from the body.


Organic cotton, unlike its traditionally grown counterpart, retains its natural wax and therefore its characteristic shine, weight and smoothness.  This means no synthetic wax, no soil and flame retardants, bleaches, chemical softeners or the final formaldehyde spray. All these factors make organic clothing superior in quality to synthetic fibers and very comfortable to wear.






Organic cotton farming emits far less carbon dioxide than conventional cotton farming.
Three hundred fifty parts per million (350 ppm) is the recommended safe threshold for carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere and we stand at 386 ppm, clearly over the limit. Organic farms are cotton sponges, they take out carbon from the atmosphere, to the tune of 1.5 tonnes of carbon per acre every year.
“In 1995, pesticide-contaminated runoff from cotton fields in Alabama killed 240,000 fish,” according to the Organic Consumers Association. Organic farming uses no pesticides, no chemicals. No more fish to die for the sake of our fashion.
Organic cotton uses much less water for cultivation, up to 60% less than that used by traditional farming methods.
When a piece of organic fabric is discarded, pesticides and herbicides are not returned to the earth or the recycling process.



Considering all the benefits of using organic clothing, it’s no surprise that millions worldwide are choosing organic apparels. With organic clothing, you stay comfortable, look stylish and save the planet. See! It doesn’t take a superman to save the planet (and you don’t even have to wear funny spandex attire ;-)).

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