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Benefits Of Organic Cosmetics Products

Mar 14, 2014


When a salesperson at an expo tried selling my cousin some make-up products saying they were ‘organic cosmetics’, I burst out laughing. My cousin shot me a ‘stop it’ look but frankly, I thought this was taking the whole ‘organic’ thing a bit too far. Organic make up? Whoever would have thought of it!


A sharp punch in my ribs (by my cousin) and some online research made me understand the benefits of organic products.


A recent study by a skin products company revealed that on average, we use about 10 different personal care products daily that contain about 126 ingredients. Of these, a considerable number of ingredients are ‘harmful’. Take a look.


Synthetic fragrances


Often contain phthalates (pronounced THAY-lates), cause skin irritations, can alter genetic development. 




Found in almost all skin care products. Testing of petrochemicals on rodents resulted in kidney degeneration, anaemia and nerve damage to the brain and spinal cord.


Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate


Apart from your favorite shampoo and body wash, it is also used in concrete floor cleaners, car wash detergents, engine degreasers, etc. It denatures proteins, robs moisture from skin, acts as mutagen that can alter genetic information, impairs proper formation of eyes (in babies) and can wreck immune system.




Most widely used preservative in skin care products, believed to be carcinogenic in nature.


And then we have a whole range of hazardous chemicals such as ureas, 1,4-DIOXANE, MEA/DEA/TEA, QUATS,CHELATORS, synthetic colors, synthetic polymers, and chemical sunscreens.


Long story short – the regular personal care products found in the markets are potentially harmful to our health. So what is a safe and healthy option for personal care? Organic skin care products.


Why Organic Products

Natural Ingredients, Natural Processing


Did you know that our skins can absorb up to 60% of the cosmetic products we use? The chemical build-up due years of using such products can have disastrous effects on our health. Organic skin care products have 95% or more natural ingredients. These ingredients are organic in nature and are extracted using natural methods with minimum processing. Instead of chemically or synthetically made ingredients, natural plant and flower extracts are used.


Less or No Chemicals


There are no synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives, GM organisms or irradiation involved in the manufacturing of organic products.


 Dr. Peter Dingle, a former professor at School of Environmental Science at Murdoch University, Australia, conducted a research on some cosmetics. His research revealed that regular use of sunscreen lotions having oxybenzone and benzophenones can cause increased itching, burning, allergies, and photo-contact dermatitis.


Safe for Your Skin


Your regular cosmetics will harm you in the following ways:

  • Excessive drying of skin

  • Worsens breathing problems, sinusitis

  • Overexposure to chemicals causes damage to skin, hair and eyes

  • Higher risk of cancer, liver related problems, and immune system damages

  • Allergies


Organic products are hypo-allergenic, which means you don’t have to worry about skin allergies and irritations. Additionally, these products are tested and proven by dermatologists, thus making them safe to use. Not even the inhumane practice of subjecting animals to product testing is followed in this case.


Good for All Skip Types

Dark or fair, oily or dry, whatever your skin tone and type, organic cosmetics are good for you. In case of conventional cosmetics, there is a high chance of side effects such as skin irritation, pimples and clogged skin pores. But you can safely use these products and your skin will love it.


More Effective


Organic cosmetics and skin care products are derived from organic fruits and vegetables that are naturally nutrient-rich sources. Organically grown crop tends to have at least 12% more nutrients than its traditional counterpart. Better the nutrients, more effective the products.


Less Expensive


Your first reaction to ‘organic products’ might be ‘aren’t they expensive?’. But compared to the chemical-rich, ridiculously priced cosmetics you find in supermarkets, these cosmetics are cheaper and more affordable. And if you just know where to look, you might find the right kind of deals.


Final word


From your bath soap to lip stick, from your baby’s diaper cream to baby wash, from your detergent to dish washer liquid and everything in between is laden with harmful chemicals. It’s time to switch to a safer and more reliable range of products. Go green, use organic cosmetics.

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