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How to Care for Organic Clothing

Mar 11, 2014


Organic clothes are safer, durable and eco-friendly. This could be the reason behind an increasing demand for organic apparels despite the slightly high prices. While the fabric itself is durable because of its organic nature and minimal processing, it’s important to take some care while using organic clothes.


Here are some tips to care for your ‘green apparels’.


How to Wash

Use mild eco-friendly detergent if possible. Or look for soaps and detergents without fragrances or dyes. Generally organic cotton garments don’t shrink so you don’t have to worry about shrinkage. Don’t buy ‘big’, just buy the right size. However, do not overheat your clothes as high temperatures can cause more than 4% shrinkage. Unlike the traditional clothes that are chemically treated to minimize shrinkage effects of heat, organic cotton is not treated. Hence the need for avoid overheating.


Most organic garments use natural dyes. This helps retain the original color and protect other clothes. However, it doesn’t hurt to take a little care while washing the colored clothes. Use cold water and mild detergents when washing organic clothing items. For the first wash, try adding 1/4th cup of vinegar to the final rinse. This will help lock the color and prevent color bleeding or fading.Washing Colored Clothing

Washing prints? Turn them inside out for the first few washes. The colors of your clothes will look just as fresh and original for years to come.


How to Dry

Hang to dry in natural sunshine if possible. Remember to turn the clothes inside out when drying in the sun. If you’re using dryer, use Air cycle but no heat.


Using Bleach

Avoid using bleach on organic apparels. Natural dyes are susceptible to damage from strong chemicals such as bleach. Chlorine bleach weakens the fabric too.


Bonus tips

Do away with washer and dryer if possible when washing your organic clothes. Washers and dryers are tough on clothes. They consume energy and release emissions into our atmosphere. Kind of contradicts your whole point of ‘going green’, doesn’t it?


Use organic detergents - more on this in our forthcoming blogs. Keep watching this space.

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